Don lays down scratch vocal tracks for his
original song It's Not Too Late
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Don, Ed, and Dana discuss arrangement and
production ideas for Ed's song Gospel Man
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Don tries to function on 4 hours of sleep, jetlag,
and lots of caffeine and sugar.

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Don and Dana discuss ideas for the arrangement of Gospel Man, an original song written by Ed Finnie

Donnie Abraham - Gospel CD Project


Project Background from Donnie:

The reason I am recording a gospel album is because I feel the need to get back to my roots. My first love has always been gospel music. When I first started singing and playing guitar, I was listening to the Blackwood Brothers, The Imperials, J.D. Sumner & The Stamps Quartet, The Oak Ridge Boys, and many more. Southern Gospel music has always been my main musical influence.
    This CD will be titled It's Not Too Late. This is also the name of the featured song, which I wrote. This song is my personal testimony. I have gone full circle in my life and thank God it's not too late for me.
    I am looking forward to working on this project with my friends Ed Finnie, Mark Maynard, and Dave Hamilton. They are all wonderful vocalists and will be a great addition to this album.

June 18-20 2005:

Donnie Abraham took a break from his busy touring schedule and travelled to Atlanta to begin work on his upcoming CD. Ed Finnie of The Abraham Brothers joined us for the weekend to lay down some backing vocals.

Check back soon for more info, video clips, and song previews.

Dana makes adjustments to Donnie's headphone mix

Ed and Don (off-camera) try out some harmonies
while Dana tends to the music tracks

Ed Finnie prepares to add his harmony parts

Don lays down some scratch vocal tracks for Gospel Man.

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Ed Finnie lays down a vocal harmony track on the chorus of It's Not Too Late

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Don listens to the previous take.

For a brief moment, Ed considers a career as a rapper.

At some point during the session, Dana resorts to discussing production strategies with the carpeting.